Zebra Stainless Steel Mug 250ml


This Zebra camping mug is made from food grade sus304 stainless steel, making it the perfect mug for any camping or caravanning adventure!

Quality stainless steel cookware and tableware that will see you through years of camping and travel.

Zebra-brand cookware and tableware are made with high quality, thick stainless steel, they will put up with being bounced around in the back of your 4WD, can be confidently thrown onto an open flame and scrub up to look like new over and over again.

If you want to buy stainless steel cookware and tableware that will be with you on every camping trip for the rest of your camping life, look for the Zebra brand.

304 Stainless Steel
Single wall mug with sturdy handle
Easy to clean and hygienic
Seamless interior

Stainless steel drinking mug
– Sturdy handle makes it easy for all ages to hold
– Food grade sus304 stainless steel

Manufactured in Thailand

Weight 0.200 kg