Wilson Bullbar Conversion Kit 3in


If you have a 4WD or SUV then you already have the advantage of being able to access those hard-to-reach fishing spots.

Make the most of this advantage by installing bullbar rod holders. This will open up a world of opportunities when fishing. You can drive right up to the water’s edge, cast your rods and simply sit them in the rod holders while you listen to music and escape the weather in the comfort of your vehicle. Ideal for beach fishing with surf rods, or if you are trout fishing in dams- the choice is yours!
Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not, all you need to do is purchase the Wilson Bullbar Conversion Kit (3”) and you can set up your bullbar so it’s ready for a bullbar fishing rod holder unit.
This product is compatable with almost every style and size of bullbar available on the market.
The U-Bolts are built with tough aluminium, so won’t be affected by Australia’s harsh weather conditions.
You will never have to worry about inserting individual rod holders into rocky areas, when fishing from the shore. All you need is the Wilson Bullbar Conversion Kit (3”) and you are good to go.