Wildcrete Feral Cottontail Rabbit 3D Foam Target


The Ferral Rabbit 3D Target by Wildcrete is the perfect small size target for recreational and competitive archery.

It features 3 target areas and is composed of Widcrete’s signature self-healing foam, designed to take heaps of arrows. This hand painted rabbit is highly durable option for those looking for unique addition to their collection.

The 3D Rabbit Target is part of Wildcrete’s African Game series that features hand painted realistic simulation targets to help archers improve their competitive and hunting shots.

A small target, the Rabbit weighs in at 1.5kg, with a height of 330mm, length of 220mm and a width of 160mm. Apex hunting recommends using this target as a tricky mid range shot for competitive practice, with it’s 3 scoring ring target zones, this is perfect for any shooter. The use of the target at multiple distances to simulate real life hunting shots would also be useful for those archers prepping for their next big hunt! We recommend the use of field tips, as broadheads will reduce the lifespan of your target much faster. We also recommend the use of lighter poundage bows to maximise the performance of the target, however due to it’s high density, it can be used with most setups.

Wildcrete’s Feral Rabbit target is a unique take on the common rabbit, not only does the hand painted target serve as a nice eyepiece, Wildcrete’s signature quality self healing foam makes for a surprisingly versatile addition to your target collection.


  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Height: 330mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Length: 220mm
  • Scoring Zones: 2 x Universal Rings – 1 Broadside, 1 Front – Group 4
  • Usage: 3D competition or recreational archery
  • Hand Painted: so each is unique and may differ slightly
  • High Density, self healing foam
  • One piece construction
  • Self standing
  • Recommended use with target tips
  • Made in South Africa