Wildcrete Cane Toad 3D Foam Target


We have collaborated with Wildcrete Targets to bring to you Australia’s most famous pest species – the Cane Toad – now a legit 3D Foam Archery Target!

The Cane Toad target features 3 scoring rings – 2 broadside and 1 rear facing. A small Group 4 target, it weighs in at 2kg and is 330mm wide by 200mm tall, you will want to shoot this at close range unless you are a good shot!

Wildcrete have crafted the Cane Toad target from their signature high quality, self healing foam and packed it in tight so you can expect it to handle a lot of punishment and a large number of arrows. The standard rule of thumb applies, the smaller the target the less you would want to hit it with heavy hunting arrows or broadheads to preserve the material.

Get your hands on a Cane Toad target! Perfect for personal or club us as well as a gift for any archer.


· Weight – 2kg

· Height – 200mm

· Width – 330mm

· Length – 330mm

· Scoring Zones – 2x broadside shots – 1x back shot – Universal rings – Group 4 Target

· Usage – 3D competition or recreational archery

· One-piece construction

· Self-standing
· Made in South Africa

· Recommended use with target tips

· Hand painted; so each is unique and may differ slightly

· High Density, self-healing foam