Tramontina 25 Inch Sugar Cane Machete with 13 Inch Blade


The Tramontina 13-inch sugar cane machete with carbon steel blade and wood handle is the tool that will transform work time.

Designed to facilitate cane cutting, the machete has a heat-treated carbon steel blade and a protective layer of varnish to ensure durability and excellent cutting power. Its handle is wood with rivets, ensuring much safer and more comfortable handling because of its ergonomic shape. With Tramontina, you will do see excellent results!

Main Functions and Benefits:

Carbon steel blade with special heat treatment that gives it greater hardness, cutting edge durability and cutting power. A varnish layer is applied to the blade as a coating to protect the blade during transportation, storage and first use. Wood handle with rivets to ensure greater safety, perfect ergonomics and comfort in handling. Aluminum rivets.

Recommendations for Use:

Handle sharp objects with care and keep them out of the reach of children. For the product to last a long time, it should be washed and dried well. Do not use solvents or abrasive materials for cleaning. Store in a dry location. For product and packaging disposal, follow applicable recycling guidelines.

Weight: 0,55 kg