Surecatch Knight Metal Lure 65g Lime Green


The 65g Knight Metal jigs are specially designed for jigging, spinning or trolling, whether it’s from boats, shore, reef, surf, estuary, lake, stream or rocks. For best results, vary speed and angle of retrieve, and choose different colours to match the available baitfish in the area.

Whether you are a boat angler chasing tuna, bonito and mackerel off shore, or an avid beach or rock angler, you need to make sure you have a few of these incredibly versatile metal lures in your bag.

The 65g Knight metal lure will provide you will the extra weight to cast at those feeding surface fish that always seem to out of range. This medium metal is ideal for high-speed spinning and jigging. This little beauty offers an incredibly realistic baitfish profile that has proven itself in both salt and freshwater. Whether it’s a bonito or tuna, tailor or Australian salmon, nothing is better than casting one of these into a feeding frenzy, and seeing the fish explode as they challenge each other to eat it. They are designed with a shiny chrome body with coloured prism tape.