Surecatch Gripmaster Bent Nose Big Game Pliers


A dependable pair of pliers is absolutely essential for any angler- in fact it is one of the most important pieces of fishing gear that you can own. The versatility of these pliers means that you are almost certain to use them on every fishing trip.

The Surecatch Gripmaster Pliers (Bent Nose) are specifically designed for de-hooking fish. They feature an extra-long nose that makes light work of getting into those hard-to-reach areas, such as when a fish has been hooked deep, and the angled, bent nose makes it easy to pry the hook free. If you want to release a fish, it is paramount that you de-hook it quickly so it can be revived in the water as soon as possible to ensure its chances of survival.

They can also be used for crimping, closing split-shot sinkers and cutting line.

The tough stainless steel construction with nickel-plating will resist rust and corrosion even in coastal areas.