Supex Rv Sink Hand Pump


Manual pump for recreational vehicles, self priming.

Make dishwashing and rinsing as simple and effortless as being at home. This reliable pump produces water immediately on both up and down strokes so there is no physical exertion.


Moulded corrosion resistant nylon body with polyurethane interior seats
Anodised aluminium barrel
Double action, producing water on both up and down strokes, extremely efficient and reducing the amount of physical work for the user
Self-priming features means it will release water immediately at any time
Includes a bonus 5 piece repair kit, so you’re not left helpless if disaster strikes
Can also be used in water containers, drums and portable water containers
Easy installation

Manufactured in China

Suits all 32mm holes
Pumps extends 97mm high above bench top.
Distance from bench top to hose fitting is 185mm
Spout extends 140 mm from centre line of pump
Maximum bench thickness is 30mm

Bonus Repair Kit includes:
Retainer nut
Retainer nut flat washer
Shaft “O” ring
Cup washer
Hose connector / washer

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