Supex Large Collapsible Tub and Lid


Blue & grey large collapsible tub with lockable lid.

Enjoy your holiday to the utmost in a clutter free RV, with effective and space-saving storage. There isn’t a lot you won’t fit in this jumbo sized tub that collapses down to just 5cm when not in use. It’s uses aren’t limited to only storage though; washing clothes and dishes work just as well!

– Made from high strength plastic, firmly bonded to blue silicone
– Plastic base and lid so it will maintain its shape
– Ingenious collapsible design allows you to store efficiently
– Easy functioning snap close lid latches, guaranteed to fasten soundly and protect items from dust and rain
– Great for a multitude of purposes: storing items and food or washing dishes and clothes

470mm (d) x 670mm (w) x 270mm (h)
Collapsed height: 50mm