Supex 20 Pack of Double Guy Rope Kit with Heavy Duty Wood Slide – 38JJ


Double Guy Rope Kit with Heavy Duty Wood Slide

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All of our guy ropes are made from 6mm polypropylene uv stable rope. What this means is this rope will not break down in the sun and the large wood grip/runner makes it very easy to tension your guy ropes. The rope splice clips are also galvanised steel. This guy rope is perfect for anchoring your tent,tarp or gazebo. All of the products that go into making the guy ropes are Australian made and built. The guy ropes you are looking at are double guy rope they are designed to be used on corner poles or any pole where a ridge bar,roof rail or spreader bar has been used.



  • Runner/slide material: wood
  • Runner/slide size: 140mm(14cm)long x 30mm(3cm)diameter
  • Rope material: polypropylene
  • Rope length: 2 x 3.5m(spliced together to make a loop for a pole spigot)
  • Splice clips: galvanised steel
  • Made from: 1 x 7m length of rope
  • Australian made
  • 20 pack