Spotters Sunglasses – Droid – Gloss Black Frame with Halide Lens


Droid is our take on futuristic vision and comfort.

The inspiration for Droid came from an 80’s movie marathon. Now before you laugh, think about “Back to the Future” and all of the movies created in the 80’s, particularly what the film creators had depicted people wearing in the 21st Century. Metal helmets, latex and plastic all-in-one outfits, riding hover boards; it was incredible. While the hover board has yet to be created (commercially at least) we wanted to create a futuristic eyewear design that would make the great film creators of the 80’s proud. Not because of the design, but because of the futuristic vision.

We took a massive lens design to block all glare and give you the best coverage. We streamlined the outer edges of the frame front to increase airflow, and continued the aerodynamics into the temple design with sleek channels to reduce wind resistance. We modelled the temples with a boxy outline and added custom cut outs to add symmetry.

Tech Specs:

  • Australian Owned
  • Polarised Crown Glass
  • Crown Glass – Chemically hardened for scratch resistance
  • TR-90 frames – incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight
  • Triple Activated Photochromic lenses
  • Lifetime Photochromic Warranty on Photochromic Properties
  • 100% UVA & UVC Protection
  • Prescription Available
  • 24 month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 100% Polarised
  • Perfect for driving & outdoors

Finish: Gloss Black

The Lens: Halide


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Spotters Hard Case
  • Spotters Neoprene Case
  • Spotters Cleaning Cloth

For prescription eyewear pricing and availability contact us at:
Phone: (07) 5433 1481

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