Spotters Sunglasses – Cristo – Gloss Black Frame with Platinum Mirror Lens

$320.00 $272.00

*This is a custom build and will take 2 weeks to become available after purchase*

Custom cutaways with subtle branding and extra grip, if you’re after the perfect combination of custom fit and good looks, Cristo is the frame for you.


*This is a custom build and will take 2 weeks to become available after purchase*


  • Custom cutaways accommodate high cheekbones
  • Improved ventilation
  • Chrome temple detail

 Finish: Gloss Black

The Frame: Large

The Cristo was born from the need to fit people with high cheekbones without compromising on glare reduction.  When designing Cristo, we started with a tight wrap to eliminate incoming glare, and fitted slim arms so they’re comfortable even when worn with a cap.  We added custom cutaways over the cheekbones to give a custom fit and better ventilation.   To top it all off, we added thermal rubber nose pads and temple grips for all day comfort and subtle chrome detailing.

The Lens: Platinum Mirror

The gorgeous Silver Leaf mirror overlays a high contrast copper polarised Crown Glass lens.  We use real silver leaf metallic particles in our Platinum Mirror lenses as only real metallic particles reflect bright light and heat away from your eyes.  This actually creates a cooling effect during periods of intense light and reduces eye fatigue.  Our real metallic mirrors are sandwiched between layers of Crown Glass so they can’t be damaged or scratched off!

The high contrast copper base tint offers increased colour contrast and depth perception and blocks blue light to make your vision crisper and sharper.  This unique copper tint also serves to contrast colours across the visible light spectrum, making object edges appear sharper, colours more vivid and everything within your field of vision crisp and in-focus.

The darker Copper lens tint instantly relaxes your eyes in high glare situations, while still offering brilliant clarity and high contrast vision. It is suitable for everyday use, particularly in high glare situations.

The result? Spotters’ Platinum mirror is a high glare specialist, giving clear, high contrast vision under the most intense conditions.

Perfect For:

  • Beach Conditions
  • Long Drives
  • Out On The Water
  • Golf


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