Spotters Sunglasses – Chill – Gloss Black Frame with Grey CR-39 Lens

$220.00 $187.00


  • Dark Grey Matt Black Temples
  • Unisex design


Finish: Gloss Black


The Frame: Large

Chill was designed to hit a younger target audience, who are after stylish sunnies, but require the supreme optical clarity that Spotters provides. This frame has a shiny black front, with matt temples in a dark grey colour – the first of it’s kind for Spotters. The temples have some stylish lines and a super sleek look.


The Lens: Grey CR-39

We are one of the only eyewear brands in the world specialising in polarised CR-39 lenses.  Why?  Our polarised CR-39 lenses offer twice the optical clarity of other plastic lens materials, zero distortion and far greater scratch resistance.  CR-39 is the lightweight and impact resistant option, suitable for outdoor activities where every gram counts.

Spotters’ Columbia resin is an amazing light weight plastic polymer, resistant to abrasion, solvents and chemicals, gamma radiation, ageing and material fatigue. If you refuse to compromise on the quality of your optics but you need a lightweight lens, Spotters Columbia Resin is the only choice.

Perfect For:

  • Bike Riding
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • On the Water


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Weight 1 kg
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