Spotters Sunglasses – Bolt – Gloss Black Frame with Xtreme Lens

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Bolt is designed for the performance wearer – someone who loves their eyewear but can’t compromise on fit or weight.

*This is a custom build and will take 2 weeks to become available after purchase*

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*This is a custom build and will take 2 weeks to become available after purchase*


  • Super slim temples slide on easily under your headwear or helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Perfectly balanced

Finish: Gloss Black

The Frame: Medium

Our original sketches had a thicker arm design and frame front, but our first prototype just didn’t feel right.  So we stripped back our original mould to incorporate the least amount of materials possible.  We then worked on the ergonomics to provide the perfect weight balance between your nose bridge and ears.

The result is an incredibly lightweight frame that can still handle a Crown Glass lens and is so durable you can wear it all day, everyday without even knowing it’s there.

The Lens: Xtreme

Spotters Xtreme lens.  Low light specialist.  Not for the faint hearted.

Yellow lenses have been around for years, and professionals swear by them for the added contrast and light enhancement they deliver.

So what do you do if you’re Australia’s performance eyewear brand?  You take that incredible yellow colour and turbo charge it.

The Xtreme lens isn’t just a yellow sunglass lens.  First up, it’s polarised, so it’s going to cut down glare off the water.  You’d be amazed at how much glare there is on the water even when the sun is barely above the horizon.  Secondly, these are Crown Glass lenses – perfect optical clarity, lightweight and with superior scratch resistance.  But wait – there’s more.  These lenses are Photochromic.  That’s right – these bad boys will actually adjust to your light conditions, reducing the intensity of the light reaching your eyes once the sun comes up.

In terms of performance, these lenses deliver.  It’s like turning on an underwater floodlight.  You’ll see structure like you’ve never seen it before, showing you exactly where to focus and cast.  You’ll be able to identify fish, weed and rocks along the bottom, with different colours standing out like they’re in 3D.  This increase in your visual ability means your casts are more precise; you’ll catch more with fewer casts and less snags.

The Xtreme lens is a specialty lens, designed purely for low light conditions.  If you get the chance to try a pair, let your eyes adjust for a few minutes first.  You’ll be blown away by the detail, colours and depth you’ll experience

Perfect For:

  • Foggy Conditions
  • Dawn
  • Transitional Light
  • Dusk
  • Early Morning Haze
  • Shadowy Conditions

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