Spotters Sunglasses – Whiskey + – Pearl Brown Frame with Halide Lens

$299.95 $249.00

Combining the latest fashion look with a medium lens size, Whiskey + offers full wrap protection when you want to look good.


  • Fashionable square lens shape
  • Subtle chrome detailing

Finish: Pearl Brown

The Frame: Petite

With Whiskey +, we wanted to create true Unisex eyewear.  We wanted a fashionable lens shape, but not too harsh in the corners.  We wanted to add subtle detailing that ladies would appreciate but wouldn’t be too over the top for the lads.  And so Whiskey + was born, a great fit for small to medium faces, with the ability to accommodate high cheekbones.

The Lens: Halide

A true revolutionary high definition lens, Spotters’ Halide is the world’s darkest polarised Photochromic copper crown glass lens.

A combination of the world’s best technology and highest quality elements, Halide offers unsurpassed glare reduction while providing superior depth perception and precision optics. It is suitable for everyday use, particularly in high glare situations.

Halide is the culmination of almost 2 years of intense design and development and is specifically engineered for extreme conditions; it can withstand Australia’s brightest, sunniest, high glare conditions and still offer perfect optical clarity, insane depth perception, and high scratch resistance.

The Halide lens has been specifically developed for people who are sensitive to extreme glare. The unique high contrast copper tint of the Halide lens offers better clarity and depth perception to the human eye than any other colour, and delivers it without distortion. Halide makes objects sharper, gives clearer vision over distances, shows greater depth perception in water and eliminates eye fatigue and headaches. The Halide lens is also dark enough to hide your eyes.

Perfect For:

  • Beach Conditions
  • Golf
  • Long Drives
  • On The Water

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