Spotters Sunglasses – Ellie – Pearl Brown Frame with Penetrator Lens

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Ellie is petite; set up for a narrow fit across the front, but still having enough flex in the arms to accommodate small to mid-size faces.



*This is a custom build and will take 2 weeks to become available after purchase*


  • Small size perfect for petite faces
  • Wide temples block peripheral glare
  • Available in Gloss Black or Metallic Pearl Brown finishes

Finish: Pearl Brown

The Frame: Petite

“Do you know how hard it is to find high quality eyewear if you have a small face?”  This is the questions our fans asked us over and over, particularly as fashion trends move towards bigger and bigger eyewear.  So we decided to do something about it.  We hand crafted the square frame front and kept the width narrow and the eye size small.  We wrapped it to fit securely and block glare, then added wide temples to stop glare coming in around the sides.  For the temple design, we played around with different shapes and decorations, but it all looked too much on such a petite frame.  Instead, we added a sleek metal insignia classy enough for the ladies but not too over-the-top for the lads.  If you have a small face, Ellie is perfect for you.

The Lens: Penetrator

Our unique Penetrator is a high contrast bronze polarised photochromic crown glass lens that blocks glare, filters blue light and gives the sharpest definition. It is suitable for all day, every day use.

The unique colour of our Penetrator lens actually enhances your vision in low light conditions. Wear them in the rain, wear them in late afternoon city haze, wear them in the fog or through that unexpected sun shower, and your vision will be clear. No glare, no squinting, and you won’t have to remove your sunglasses because everything is too dark – the Penetrator lens adjusts to varying light conditions, so if there’s low light, the lens will lighten to suit. You can literally wear this lens from dawn til dusk.

Penetrator lenses are the definitive instrument for every application and any weather condition. Nothing can prepare you for the instant relaxation your eyes will experience when you wear Spotters’ Penetrator lens.

Perfect For:

  • Foggy Conditions
  • Dawn
  • Transitional Light
  • Dusk
  • Early Morning Haze
  • Shadowing Conditions


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