Skeeter Hawk Premium Bug Zapper


The Premium Bug Zapper is built tough and is effective at killing all types of flying insects. With the patented dual-band UV light technology attracts flying insects better than other traps and zapper son the market. Once attracted, bugs are zapped by the 360° electrical grid.

For best results, hang the premium zapper outdoors, away from gathering areas to attract the insects away from the space being utilised.


  • Skeeter Hawk patented Dual Band LED UV Light
  • 360° Electrical Grid
  • Foldaway Handle/Hook for versatile hanging
  • 1 Meter Impact resistance
  • IP Rating – IPX4
  • Power Source – 240V Cord
  • Average Globe Life – 50,000 hours

Included in the box:

  • 1 x Premium Bug Zapper
  • Dimensions
    Area Size
    Dimensions: Depth
    140 mm
    Dimensions: Height
    330 mm
    Dimensions: Width
    140 mm
    ABS Fire-resistant plastic