Seahorse Bait Trap Folding 3″ Funnel


Seahorse Collapsible Shrimp/Bait Traps With 3″ Entry Rings

The Seahorse collapsible Bait Trap is ideal for catching bait fish for live bait.

Place a weight and bait such as bread inside and leave until you see bait fish or prawns inside the trap.

Retrieve the Bait Trap and pour fish into your bucket.

  • Compact, Lightweight, and Folds Up Easily
  • Closed Measures 235mm x 235mm x 25mm (approx)
  • Opened Up It Measures 420mm x 230mm x 230mm (approx)
  • Steel Wired Frame With Fine Mesh That Won’t Spook Fish
  • Zippered Entry For Fish Removal
  • Zippered Pocket For Bait