Samaki Torpedo V2 85g Pink Glow


For anyone who spins off the boat, beach or rocks, you may have noticed the disappearance of many once previously common spinning lure brands from your local tackle shop shelves.

Some brands have been swallowed up by the ever-growing conglomerates in the fishing industry, which then kill off a good product as it no longer fits in with their profit model or is seen as a threat to one of their other core products. Other companies have given up the good fight against the ever-increasing cost of doing business and have gone to that big tackle box in the sky. So, where does this leave the angler looking for a decent metal lure?

Luckily, we have Samaki, who has bucked the trend, kept their prices down, and continues to innovate and produce some great new metal spinning lures. The new Samaki Torpedo V2 spinners are a case in point and offer anglers an excellent option for saltwater metal lures. Not only are they great-looking, great-priced lures, but they also pack a punch in the performance department.

Here at the fishing tackle shop, we stock a range of Samaki Torpedo V2 spinner lures from 20g to 85g. The new models come in impressive finishes that any fish would find hard to resist, whether you cast them from the beach, boat or rocks.

Features and Specifications:

  • Type: Metal Spinning Lure
  • Size: Available in either 20 grams, 35 grams, 50 grams, 65 grams or 85 grams
  • Hook: Super strong X6 strength treble
  • Long cast design
  • Ideal for beach, rock or offshore boat fishing
  • Can be cast or trolled