Samaki Redic Jerkbait DS100 Lure – Pearl Bait


The much anticipated 2020 release of the Samaki Redic is here! Available in multiple sizes and a huge colour range to target all Australian estuary and freshwater species. Super strong BKK hardware coupled with a striking finish is the result of extensive R&D OF Australia’s new favourite hardbodied lure series.

What the Manufacturer Says:

Designed in Australia and crafted of the highest quality materials, Samaki Redic series has been created to be the ultimate in action and strength in its class.

A superior hardbody manufactured of premium ABS materials, supersonic welding to endure the harshest of environments, Redic’s are designed from the ground up to utilise the strongest hardware ensuring the end product has the ultimate action to entice the bite from the most elusive of species.

Targeting a range of species including Bream, Flathead, Bass, Yellowbelly, Redfin and Mangrove Jack.

Product Features:

– Depth 3.0m + Diving Depth

– Weight 22.5 grams

– Silent

– Suspending

– BKK 4X Hooks

– Premium ABS Construction

– Heavy duty split rings

– Realistic 3D eye

– Stainless steel hook and tow points

Product Specifications:

Brand: Samaki

Product Name: Redic Jerkbait DS100

Length: 100mm (10cm)

Weight: 22.5g

Diving Depth: 3.0+m

Release Date: June 2020