Samaki Redic DS Hard Body Lure 80mm Whitebait


Head out on your next fishing session with the Samaki Redic DS Lure 80mm. This hardy lure has been made to handle powerful strikes from your target fish.

It stays at fish eye level to make it easy to spot and draw them into taking a bite. This lure is available in a range of colours with extremely realistic eyes that help to trick fish into striking. Decked out with quality gear including sharp BKK 4X treble hooks and heavy duty split rings this lure stays strong while you wrangle in fish.

  • Suspending lure that stays in the strike zone
  • Made to be tough with one piece stainless welded wire
  • Dives 3.0m+ to get down to fish
  • 2x sharp BKK 4X treble hooks
  • Heavy duty split rings keep it all together
  • Realistic fish eye adds to its looks
  • Weighs 12g
  • Available in a range of natural and bright colours