Samaki Redic DS Hard Body Lure 80mm Grey Ghost


The Samaki Redic Jerkbait DS80 is a fantastic all-purpose lure for catching all types of predatory fish

The Redic DS80 lure is a suspending, silent hardbody lure made from the highest quality materials and strongest hardware to help it to survive even the harshest of environments and impacts of the strike zone.

Designed in Australia the Samaki Redic has been created to be the pinnacle of performance in its class.

The Samaki Redic DS80 lures can be cast and retrieved with a constant wind, or twitched and paused to suspend in the strike zone for longer. They can also be slowly trolled as well. Their long bib ensures they dive as soon as the handle turns, to a depth of over 3m, which is handy when fishing deeper holes or around structure.

Bream, flathead, bass, cod, jewfish, yellowbelly, redfin, barramundi and mangrove jack are among the target species of these Samaki Redic lures.


  • Premium ABS Materials
  • Supersonic welding
  • BKK 4X Hooks
  • Heavy-duty split rings
  • Realistic 3D eyes