Railblaza StowPod – Black


Are you tired of fishing lures, keys and pliers getting scattered everywhere? Then Railblaza StowPod Storage Caddy is just what you need!

Are you tired of fishing lures, keys, and pliers scattered everywhere? Then the Railblaza StowPod Storage Caddy is just want you need! This awesome storage solution securely holds everything in one place -from your tools and essentials to your drinks, cellphone, VHF and binoculars. And with a movable position inside, it can be easily transformed from an all-purpose container to a beverage holder. Plus, its unique design attaches to railings, consoles and gunwales with a StarPort so it won’t take up precious flor space. So forget the hassle of disorganisation and give yourself the gift of stress-free boating with this handy StowPod!


  • Holds pliers, keys, lures, phones, VHF’s, binoculars, drink bottles, sunblock, mugs and much more…..
  • Movable drink holder partition
  • Mounts into any vertical or horizontal StarPort or can be permanently fastened in place
  • Mounts on rails or inflatables by adding other applicable Railblaza mounts
  • Avaliable in black or white
  • Easily removed and stowed when not in use or transfered to another position