Railblaza Fillet Table & Platforms (No StarPort)


This bait and fillet table from RAILBLAZA provides a sturdy station for cutting bait and cleaning or filleting fish, which can be easily attached to your boat or dinghy.

The Fillet Table II is a table top station that can serve all your fish filleting and bait cutting needs. The rigid, injection moulded quality provides a sturdy and long lasting board that will function well for both you and your catch.

The convenient size of 525x350mm (20.8×13.8”) means the Fillet Table II can be moved around and attached to multiple surfaces, including boat railings (using the RailMount 19-25) and dinghies.

Construction Materials

Fillet Table – UV stabilised PP plastic

Platform – UV stabilised fibreglass reinforced

nylon plastic

StarPort – UV stabilised AES plastic

Gasket – UV stabilised TPE Rubber

Stainless steel fasteners

Package Includes

  • 1 x Fillet Table/Bait Board
  • 2 x Adjustable Platforms
  • 8 x 12g x 20mm stainless steel screws


Weight: 1kg