Oztrail 3 Bar LED Kit


Ready to use or mix and match the OZtrail 3 Bar LED Lighting Kit with other OZtrail LED products to create your ultimate lighting system!


Illuminate your campsite and keep those bugs away with the OZtrail 3 Bar Kit. Each included bar is 50cm long featuring both white and amber LED options. There are 15 white lights and 15 bug shield amber per bar which has a total output of 400 lumens. This kit is powered by a 5M 12V DC cable along with various other cables included to give you multiple layout options. These lights boast minimal power usage offering longer runtime to extend your battery life.


  • Each bar contains 15 white and 15 amber 2835SMD LEDs producing 400 lumens per bar
  • Light up multiple areas of your campsite with the inclusion of 2 x 12V DC power cables, 2 x dimmers and a splitter cable
  • Perfect for the campsite, 4WD, camper, caravan and awning
  • Keep the bugs away with the built-in bug shield LEDs
  • Extremely low power consumption ensures you can light up your campsite all night without draining your battery
  • Built-in magnets attach to most metal surfaces along with reusable flexi ties allow you to attach your lights in multiple ways
  • Bars and the connectors are waterproof rated to IP66
  • Adjustable brightness via dimmer control
  • Carry bag included