OEX Battery Box 12v AGM Deep Cycle with Terminal


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*Battery not included.

  • Acid resistant case with carry handle
  • Led battery voltage indicator
  • Heavy Duty lug / output terminals with wing nuts
  • Cigarette socket accessory outlet


Total outside dimensions of the box (max with lid on) H=300mm , L=400mm , W=250mm
Inside dimensions (bottom half) H= 195mm , L=323mm , W=192mm

The lid (top section), with the cabling, switch, cigarette socket ect (see pic), fits over the bottom half and there are gaps at either end that cables can fit up in and be run out of if needed as well as providing ventilation inside the box .There is room enough inside the lid for the terminals of a battery to sit up in there and have the leads connected to them. The lid (top section) is anchored / held to the bottom half by a strap (included see pic) that can either be fitted to the surface the box is going to sit on or wrapped around the top and bottom if you want to keep it portable.

The biggest battery you can fit in this box that the lid will then sit securely on once the strap is fitted is H=215mm to the top of the case + then there is still room for the terminals in the top of the lid, L=322mm, W=185mm.