A new environmentally friendly toilet disk developed for use in cassette and black water holding tanks. Ideal for caravans, camper vans, motor homes, buses and boats.

1 x Bag of Odur Be Gone Fast release (blue) for use in cassette and portable toilets.

  • 25 Tablets, 8 grams each, plus 10 mini tabsEnvironmentally friendly toilet disk developed for use in cassette and black-water holding tanks
    • Ideal for caravans, campervans, motor homes, buses and boats
    • Easy to use with no mess
    • Non-toxic – TGA registered
    • Safe to discharge into septic/sewer systems
    • Fast release lasts 4-7 days
    • Keep Toilets Smelling fresh

    The new Odour-B-Gone product is an environmentally friendly, non toxic toiletry disk that keeps the toilet smelling fresh at all times.
    It is safe to use and to discharge into septic and long drop toilet systems, is suitable for portable toilets and cassettes up to 20 litres in capacity and will last up to seven days (we recommend changing every 4 days).
    The user simply has to place a disk into the bottom tank with a little bit of water and half a disk in the top (flushing tank). The disk is basically oxygen, so the odours will disappear and heavy matter is broken down, making it easy to discharge.