Ocean Signal GPS Resucue Me EPIRB

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Set sail with confidence using the Ocean Signal GPS Rescue Me EPIRB – your compact guardian on the waves.


This emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) is a game – changer, boasting a 30% smaller design without compromising on power. With an impressive 10-year battery life and a solid 5-year warranty, it’s your trusty companion for the long haul. The advanced 66-channel GPS technology ensures fast and accurate positioning, while the retractable antenna adds a layer of protection and convenience. The manual release bracket makes activation a breeze, and the autoactivation on immersion provides an extra safety net when needed.

Linking via satekkite to Emergency Services, this EPIRB ensures a swift response in critical situations. The homing beacon aids search and rescue teams in locating you precisely. Class 3 approved, this beacon meets the highest safety standards in Australia and New Zealand. Operating for 48+ hours, this Ocean Signal EPIRB excels in operational excellence, keeping you covered until help arrives. Smartly designed with protective features and two high brightness strobes for enhanced visibility in low light conditions, it’s your reliable companion on the waves. Whether you’re cruising near the shore or venturing into deeper waters, the Ocean Signal GPS Rescue Me EPIRB ensures your safety is never compromised. Stay secure and enjoy your maritime adventures with this EPIRB by your side.


  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Impressive 10-year battery life for extended reliability
  • The world’s most compact emergency position indiciating radio beacon with 48+ hours operational life
  • Advanced 66-channel GPS technology for precise location
  • Retractable antenna for protection and easy stowage
  • Mannual release bracket for easy and prompt activation
  • Auto activation on immersion for an extra layer of safety
  • Links via satellite to Emergency Services for rapid response
  • Aids search and resuce by pinpointing your location
  • Class 3 approved – meets the highest safety standards in Australia and New Zealand.