Narva Trailer Adaptor 7 Pin Flat (Car) To 7 Pin Large Round (Trailer) – 82245BL

Narva’s range of trailer plugs, connectors and trailer adaptors are made with high quality formed plastics and are available with various types of fittings to suit all styles of trailer plugs and wiring harnesses. Narva trailer connectors are easy to wire in using the conventional colour coordinating which is industry-standard it’s easy to fit up a new replacement trailer plug or even wire up a fresh one from scratch when installing a new tow bar.

Having functioning trailer lights is a legal requirement and also keeps you safe on the road. Trailers often block your car’s brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights which are all used to alert other drivers of your actions when driving and prevent collisions or other accidents. Trailer plugs also power side-markers on larger trailers which makes them easier to tow at night or in tight spaces by illuminating the widest points of the trailer.

The Narva Trailer Connectors and Adaptors range includes:

  • Flat sockets
  • Round sockets
  • Flat to round adaptors
  • Round to flat adaptors
  • Plastic plugs
  • Metal plugs

Whether you’re hauling an expensive library of tools home after a day on the worksite, towing your boat at the crack of dawn for a day of fishing or just doing a tip run with your 6×4, correctly functioning trailer lights are essential for avoiding collisions when towing your precious cargo. All Narva Trailer Connectors, Adaptors, Plugs and Sockets include an easy to read wiring diagram on the reverse of the packing, with some basic electrical tools you can wire in a trailer plug and be ready to tow in no time. To view our whole trailer and towing range, browse the website or head into your local Repco store today and speak with one our friendly staff.