MX1100G VHF DSC Fixed Mount Marine Radio with Built in GPS Receiver


The Oricom MX1100G high performance VHF Marine Radio is an essential communication and safety device when on the water, including built in GPS receiving module.

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Rated to IPX7 and including Class B Digital Selective Calling (DSC), this radio is ideal for your boating lifestyle, whether your heading offshore or sailing the inland waters.

Built in Class B DSC
The MX1100G complies with national regulations and combined with practical use, is a versatile Class B VHF DSC marine radio, as it has a dedicated DSC receiving channel. The Digital Selective Calling (DSC) feature on your MX1100G Marine VHF radio uses an arranged digital data message, instead of voice, in order to transmit urgent or important information to another radio. DSC is designed to alert all other DSC enabled VHF radios within a predetermined range to a distress message, even if the vessel’s listening watch is not being maintained, as this increases the chance of the signal being heard.

GPS Receiver Built-in
A built-in GPS receiver pinpoints the geographic location of your radio anywhere in the world. Being equipped with GPS, this means that the DSC signal will also contain the location of the vessel. Make sure that the GPS antenna is installed in an open, unobstructed position so that the satellite signal can be received well.