Mustad Ultrapoint Fastach Clips – Fishing Clip/Snap – Lure Clip Size 2


These Fastach clips are a new, innovative idea recently released by Mustad.

Built with a twist connection on one end, the Fastach Clip gives anglers the ability to swap out lures with a simple turn of the wrist, so no time is wasted re-tying.
They are designed in the U.S. and are made from strong stainless steel wire, with a black nickel finish.
Fastach clips are available in 5 different sizes to suit a wide range of species and situations.


Size Rating Overall Length


0 15lb/8Kg 10mm 12
1 25lb/14Kg 14mm 12
2 50lb/28Kg 18mm 12
3 75lb/41Kg 22mm 12
4 100lb/55Kg 26mm 10
5 150lb/83kg 33mm 8