Mozzigear Mosquito Band – 6 Pack Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands


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  • Suitable for ages 4+
  • Natural, non-toxic DEET FREE formulation
  • Effective for up to 48 hours
  • Bands are to be worn on the wrists only. Not to be worn on the ankles.



This is the six pack version of our silicon based mosquito repellent wristband that can be worn to help keep mosquitoes and insects away. The six mosquito bands are individually packed and are activated only after opening.



  • Natural, non-toxic, DEET FREE formulation.
  • Simple, convenient and safe to use – no spraying required.
  • Effective for up to 48 hours.
  • Fashionable.
  • Waterproof.



To activate, you simply remove one of the six mosquito bands from its individual packing which releases the citronella scented fragrance. You then wear it on your wrist for up to 48 hours of reliable insect repellent protection.

Active ingredients:

The active ingredient in our mosquito repellent wristbands is : Citronella 0.75g/band. Keeping mosquitoes away has never been easier.