Mean Mother Exitrax Recovery Board Rear Wheel Holder


When the situation calls for a set of recovery boards, you want to be able to access them quickly, which is why a rear wheel mounting solution is the perfect addition to an off-road vehicle. The Exitrax Recovery Board Rear Wheel Holder allows for quick storage, while also preventing dirt and sand from damaging the vehicle’s interior

The uniquely designed mounting plate, with its multiple hole positions and knock out sections, will suit a wide variety of wheel carrier bolt patterns and make installation simple. The adjustable mounting arm helps you set the depth of the spare tyre so the bracket mounts squarely against the spare wheel for maximum stability and strength.

Suitable for recovery boards up to 325mm wide and 95mm deep
Only holds 2 boards (1 pair)
Frees up storage space in your vehicle
Multiple wheel carrier bolt pattern designed mounting plate
UV Powder coating
Anti-rust steel treatment
Easy to install

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