Mean Mother 4×4 Tyre Deflators (4 Pack)


The Mean Mother 4×4 Tyre Deflators are a must have product for reducing multiple tyres pressures fast for going off-road.

This increases the tyre footprint, which greatly improves your traction and reduces the chance of getting bogged in soft, muddy, or sandy conditions.

Accurately adjust deflators by dialling the inner gauge to the desire pressure shown between 10-30psi

Time saving. Precise, Set and forget design
Save your knees with no kneeling down and waiting for each tyres to deflate
Simple design – Easy to pull apart and clean
High-vis coating so easy to find if dropped
Stainless steel components
Includes a conveniently integrated Schrader Thread to secure valve cap during deflation. FIRST DEFLATOR WITH THIS INNOVATION
Deflators include Bonus spare valve caps (in case you lose one)
Easy Twist hexagonal body design
Storage pouch/bag
Registered Design 202118097
Comes with an Iron Clad 2 Year Warranty