Oztrail Lumos Mozzie Lantern


Amazing features like 360° Illumination, Mozzie Zapper, waterproof and rechargeable!

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The OZtrail Lumos Mozzie Lantern is an all-in-one solution to protect your family on your next camping trip. It has a built in bug zapper function with UV light and tablets for attraction, so you can enjoy your camping trips without worrying about those pesky mosquitos. The 360° illumination lantern on top is great for lighting your camp table or tent. You can even operate the lantern or zapper separately to save battery.

This handy little lantern can even be left out in the rain thanks to its IPX6 waterproof rating.

No need to go hunting for batteries with this Mozzie Zapper, as it’s USB rechargeable and can even run for up to 40 hours* on one charge!