Lion Deep Cycle/Cranking (Hybrid) Battery – 100AH/680Crank


Dual Purpose Recreational

Designed for applications requiring both starting and accessory power through a Dual Purpose recreational application battery.
Dual Terminal design for multipurpose applications including starting and easy connection of accessories
Starting integrity, capacity and reliability is maintained with the added benefit of multipurpose accessory use within an offering of extended hours of cycling capacity.


Lion Batteries range of Economy and Premium Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries feature a number of technologically advanced and performance enhancing design features:

  • Sealed Maintenance Free Calcium/Calcium design – no need to add water
  • Low Resistance Envelope Separators to improve vibration durability and prevent internal shorting between the positive and negative plates
  • Patented liquid gas separators which enhance the Maintenance Free characteristics of the battery by preventing electrolyte loss through a process of collection and return of electrolyte to the reservoir.
  • Centred cast on plate straps and wrought Lead – Calcium grids add to the vibration resistant battery design whilst minimising gas and water usage and achieving less self discharge
  • Inbuilt ceramic disc flame arrestors to protect against accidental battery explosion from an external spark
  • In built ‘Magic Eye’ hydrometer to enable visual checking of battery state of charge
  • High cranking performance to suit modern engine starting needs
  • Fold away carry handles to allow ease of portability and placement into the battery box or operating area