JM Gillies Baitfish Hard Body Lures


Gillies Baitfish lures are uniquely  designed to imitate fleeing baitfish. The high quality laser finish reflects light at a variety of angles to give maximum attraction. The versatility of this lure allows for casting, trolling and jigging. Fitted with  quality split rings and treble hooks the Gillies baitfish is available in Silver Whitebait and Blue Mackerel patterns. Very effective for Tailor, Salmon, Trevally Kingfish, Tuna and other Pelagic  species.


Blue Glow – 10g, Blue Glow – 15g, Blue Glow – 40g, Silver Glow – 10g, Silver Glow – 15g, Silver Glow – 40g, Silver Glow – 60g

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