Jarvis Walker Knife Sharpener With Suction Cup


Stop the hassle of having to sharpen your knives over and over again at the expense of the safety of your hands with the Jarvis Walker suction cup knife sharpener. Especially designed so you will never have to throw away blunt knives stacking up at home, this innovative sharpener features unique tungsten carbide technology that enhances the life span of almost any knife.

The Jarvis Walker suction-base knife sharpener offers a practical solution to keeping your precious knives sharp even when always used. Providing practical function, this suction cup style knife sharpener can sharpen virtually any knife.

The Jarvis Walker suction base knife sharpener makes an excellent tool to add to your fishing equipment box or to keep in the kitchen. Take it anywhere you go and be assured that you will no longer have to deal with blunt knives ever again during your water adventure trips or camping trips. Safe and secure to use, this Jarvis Walker suction cup knife sharpener sports a power grip suction base ensuring that your hand will never go near the knife, thus avoiding accidental cuts. Your hand is the most important asset of an angler after all.

Whether you are slicing fish meat, or dicing vegetables at home, this powerhouse of a knife sharpener is the perfect companion for your knives. Small enough to be held in one hand, or kept in your car, truck or boat; you can never go wrong having this versatile sharpener with you. The suction-cup base easily attaches to smooth, non-porous surfaces to prevent accidents. Designed for easy use, simply place knife blade in the slot and draw through without using too much force. The Jarvis Walker suction-base knife sharpener is equipped with twin tungsten carbide files that hone and realign edges with just two or three passes.