Icey Tek 150cm Heavy Duty Fish Bag


This is our heavy duty fish bag. It is designed for use where you want to save space, but have a quality product to put you larger pelagic fish when you catch them. It is perfect for large Spanish mackerel, kingfish, cobia, wahoo, jewfish or any larger reef fish.

These are great for the travelling fisherman or spearfisherman, perfect for jet skis, small boats or even shore based fisherman.

Comes with 20mm thick insulation, has a fully welded and sealed construction. Quality marine grade zip with gasket seal.

The material is heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin, designed not to hold odors. This can be easily wiped or hosed clean after use.

In case of any punctures from fish teeth or spines, this material can be repaired with a patch and adhesive, giving you years of use for these products.

The wide base allows this bag to stand upright when it is stored, which is perfect if you need to transport fish inside a car, preventing spillages.

Length 150cm

Width (at base) 25cm

Height 40cm

Weight is 2.5kg.

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