Hema Australia Motorcycle Atlas + 200 Top Rides Edition 6


It’s easy to find somewhere to ride with the Australia Motorcycle Atlas, which features Australia-wide city, state and regional mapping. Packaged in a protective plastic sleeve, the Australia Motorcycle Atlas is split into two books, with one containing a Hema Road Atlas and the other containing 200 Top Rides.

The 200 Top Rides are written by motorcycle and travel expert Peter ‘The Bear’ Thoeming, while a custom ‘Great Motorcycle Rides of Australia’ wall map is included with the atlas for proud motorcyclists to find and plan trips.

Hema Maps has been exploring Australia for 30 years to craft reliable navigation solutions that empower off-road explorers. Taking the first two letters from founders, Henry and Margaret Boegheim first names, Hema originally distributed and sold maps and marine charts when it opened its doors in 1983. For the company that has built a reputation around exploration, the real adventure is continuing this trend, an unknown path of countless adventures that started in 1983, which for the passionate explorers at Hema Maps is the journey that will never end.