Gasmate Portable Camping Heater


Stay Warm with the heavy duty Gasmate Portable Camping Heater.

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The new Portable Camping Heater by Gasmate gives you a whopping high heat output of 13.5MJ/h, higher than its competitors and great for you. It comes fully assembled in the box, all you need to do is connect the 1500mm POL hose which is included and add a “D” size battery.

Always follow heating product instructions carefully and at no stage use appliances indoors or in enclosed areas. i.e. houses, garages, boats, caravans, tents. Gas bottle in the first image is not included. 


Enjoy our great outdoors all year round

Never be cold camping again

High heat output

Powerful 13.5 MJ/h output delivers more heat than the competition

Oxygen depletion System

Enhanced safety device which senses oxygen levels and switches off the entire unit when at a low level

Tip over switch Includes safety “tip-over” switch that halts the supply of gas to the unit should it be accidentally knocked over
Flame failure safety system If flame goes out, gas shuts off
OFF button on heater

A unique OFF position on heater, NOT on the gas cylinder

Built-in storage Handy storage compartment for hose at the rear
Electric ignition

For hassle free lighting and then simple rotary dial with notches to select the 3 different tiles

Fully portable

With a fold away carry handle and weighs only 4.9Kg (without cylinder)

Ready to use Ready to use Portable camping heater simply connect the 1500mm POL hose (included) and add a “D” size battery
Gas certified Gas certified to Australian Standards




Portable Camping Heater (LPG)

Body finish

ABS and Nylon

Tile Surround Vitreous Enamel
Wire Guard Chrome
Maximum output MJ/h 13.5 MJ/h
Maximum output BTU 13,500
Overall Dimensions W 42.5 x D 24.5 x H 35cm

265 g/h

Weight 4.9kg