Engel 22L Soft Cooler Backpack Shoreline Camo


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The new Engel Backpack Cooler features a rugged, tear-resistant 500-denier polyester diamond ripstop outer shell with a waterproof TPE coating for easy cleaning. On the inside, there’s a radiant barrier liner of reflective foil, in addition to a 1-inch thick layer of closed-cell foam insulation – another exclusive Engel feature you won’t find on other bags. While the insulation effectively minimizes heat transfer to maintain cold inner temperatures, the radiant barrier liner reflects the sun’s long-wave heat radiation to further enhance the Backpack Cooler’s cold-keeping capabilities. Under typical conditions, the Backpack Cooler will hold ice for up to three days.


  • Rugged Tear Resistant 500 Denier Polyester Outer Shell
  • Water Proof TPE Coating
  • Internal Reflective Foil Liner
  • Ice Retention Up To 3 Days
  • 24 X 375ml Can Capacity
  • 9kg Ice Capacity