Companion 45L Transit Fridge

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Companion Transit Fridge/Freezers are reliable and easy to use, a great companion for all your camping, 4WD’ing and RV adventures. Powered by a high-efficiency LG compressor that offers quiet operation, a low 1amp per hour power draw and trouble-free enjoyment. The digital display allows easy monitoring of the internal temperature and battery voltage. This Fridge also has handy LED lighting on the inside to ensure you can always see when you are using the fridge.

The Companion 45L Transit Fridge also has a matching cover to improve the temperature stability over longer timeframes and lowers the drawing amount on the fridge.


  • Tough yet lightweight polypropylene construction
  • Dual speed LG compressor
  • Low power consumption
  • Average power usage of 1 amp per hour
  • 3-stage battery monitor
  • Digital display control panel
  • Strong carry handles
  • Internal LED lighting
  • AC & DC operation (240V and 12V/24V)
  • AC power adaptor included


  • Climatic Category: T, ST, N, SN
  • Protective Classification: II
  • Rated Voltage DC: 12V/24V
  • Total Input Power: 45W
  • Rated Current for DC: 5.0A MAX (12VDC), 2.5A MAX (24VDC)
  • Refrigerant: R134a/45g
  • Foam Vesicant: C5H10/C-PENTANE
  • Dimensions: 690L x 345W x 462H (mm)
  • Weight: 15kg (Empty)
Weight 15 kg