A world class Carbon arrow, but with the APEX price tag.

Our Apex Carbon Blackout arrow has it’s newest addition to the Blackout Family with the introduction of our new Carbon Blackout Heritage Feather Fletched Arrows.

Carbon Blackout arrows have gained popularity for it’s quality, reliability and accuracy that matches brands like Carbon Express, Victory and Easton but without the ‘U.S. Brand’ price tag. We have used the same trusted and tested carbon shaft from our Carbon Blackout Arrow, and fitted them with Feather Fletching so that you can get the same accuracy now with your Recurve or a Longbow as well.

These Carbon Blackout Heritage arrows are fletched with 4 inch Right Twist Helical Feathers which provides the stability and accuracy to hit the Bulls Eye. These 30 inch arrows come in matched dozens, for consistent flight and performance characteristics. Each arrow is tested for straightness and guaranteed to be within a tolerance of 6 thousands of an inch.

Whether you are shooting targets at the club or hunting in the bush, the Apex Carbon Blackout Heritage is sure to hit the spot.

The Apex Carbon Blackout Arrow delivers the right balance of speed and hard-hitting energy in an all-carbon arrow.

Seamless carbon shafts provide more consistency.

High strength composite fibres for exceptional durability and shaft strength. Micro-smooth finish for quiet release and easier removal from targets.

A great carbon arrow for hunting and targets shooting. An arrow for people who want durability and performance, at a great price. When you need speed and energy, look no further than The Apex Carbon Blackout Heritage.

What size arrow do I need?

Assuming you are using the arrows at the default 30 Inch length, use the following scale to determine what spine size to purchase;

1-32lbs Bow – 600

32-41lbs Bow – 500

42-56lbs Bow – 400

57-66lbs Bow – 340

67-91lbs bow – 300

Please note that cutting arrows down will make them stiffer, while adding a heavier target tip or broadhead over 100 grains will make them more flexible, meaning you may need to change sine.