Barnett Vortex H2O 31-45lb Youth Bowfishing Bow


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Versatile and well equipped, Barnett’s Vortex youth hunting bows are designed to adjust with the advancing skills of developing archers. The Vortex H2O brings this adaptability to the sport of bowfishing! The youth bowfishing bow features an adjustable draw length and draw weight, with modules and instructions included so your archer can change bow size as often as he or she changes shoe sizes. The Vortex H2O includes a quiver and three arrows so kids can take it to the water straight out of the packaging, which also doubles as a convenient carry case.


  • Premium dual cam system with modular adjustment
  • Draw length adjusts in 1″ increments with included modules
  • Draw weight adjusts with included instructions
  • Constructed to ATA/AMO Standards
  • Right-handed bowfishing bow
  • Let-off 60-70%
  • Included fiberoptic sight with pins visible in lowlight
  • Synthetic string and cable system
  • Package serves as carrying case



  • 3-Pin Fiberoptic Sight
  • Arrow Rest


Age Range Teen+
Draw Length (in) 26-28
Draw Weight (lbs) 31-45
Weight 1 kg