Apex Mayhem Compound Bow – RTS Series – RH – Truetimber Strata


Performance meets value in a compact setup designed for growing archers and bowhunters.

Featuring fast arrow speeds paired with advanced dampening technology all packed into a smaller frame riser, the Mayhem compound bow offers the greatest advantage to both young archers and smaller framed adults who need a highly adjustable bow to improve their archery and bowhunting skills. The Mayhem will suit some kids as young as ten all the way up to an adult around 170cm tall, all whilst offering blistering performance.

Mayhem compound bow features;

– Mayhem Cam System – with adjustable sliding module for draw lengths between 14 and 28 inches.

– Mayhem Riser Dampeners – dual sided high quality rubber dampeners eliminate hand shock and sound.

– Mayhem Grip – comfortable panelling on the side with a flat back for reduced hand torque.

– Mayhem String stop – adjustable to suit brace height changes at different draw weights.


We’ve put together three full packages for the Mayhem to suit any budget; the RTS kit, the PRO Series and the Field Ready Bundle.

You are viewing the RTS kit, which is the most entry level package. It includes the following accessories;

  • 5 Pin bow sight – Popular among hunters and 3D archers, the 5-pin sight lets you set 5 different distances and lock them in so that you are ready for any situation. The most popular configuration is to have the pins set at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 meters or yards.
  • Full brush arrow rest – Nock your arrow then simply pop it through the opening on the brush arrow rest and you are loaded, ready to fire. The brush holds and guides your arrow during draw cycle and shot for safety and accuracy.
  • 5-inch Stabilizer – Rubber constructed stabilizer acts as a lightning rod for vibration and keeps you steady at full draw by adding weight where it’s needed most.
  • Wrist Sling – Correct archery form with a compound bow is to have a loose grip so that you do not torque the bow. Firing the bow properly can sometimes make it jump out of your hand and the wrist sling will ensure you never drop it.
  • 4 arrow Bow Quiver – Mount your arrows to your bow for hunting. Broadhead hood keeps your blades sharp and out of reach while dual grippers secure the arrow but allow for easy retrieval when needed.
  • Peep Sight – Tri-peep pre-installed lets you aim with your bow sight consistently. Aim through the peep sight and try to outline your sight each time and you’ll be grouping arrows in no time.
  • D-loop – Already tied on so that you can shoot this bow with a release aid.
  • Vortex string silencers – Installed on the string to reduce noise.
  • Release Aid – Always shoot the Mayhem using a release aid, not only is it more consistent, you will eliminate finger torque on the string which can prevent derailing.
  • Armguard – protect from string slap, because that hurts.
  • 3x Carbon Arrows – we’ve put 3 arrows in the box so you can get shooting right away.