Apex Hunting – Champion II Elite – Youth Compound Bow – Camo


Introducing the Champion II ELITE! Our most popular youth bow with an added Dacron string for full upgradable capacity.

Trying to find the perfect youth bow can be a struggle. They are either too expensive and while they would be awesome, your child may end up not pursuing archery which might leave you feeling like it was a waste of money. Or they can be a great price but lacking in terms of adjustability and upgrades, so they provide no longevity and are grown out of quickly.

A lot of kids also want a bow just like their parents or archery idols use, that can be fully set up and used with a release aid. Here at Apex Hunting, we have designed a bow that will do just that, without smashing the bank account.

The original Champion II has been the most sought after and used budget youth compound bow in Australia for a while now. Unlike other bows in its price bracket, the Champion II can be upgraded, it has industry standard threads drilled into the riser that you would normally only find on adult compound bows. This means instead of throwing aside your bow when you want a better sight or arrow rest, you can just purchase the upgrades and put them straight on! However, the original Champion II still uses a full cable system for the strings, so you can’t install string accessories.

The Champion II Elite provides all of the original perks of it’s predecessor, but you can now also install string accessories on the Dacron string!

Now your child can use a peep sight, d-loop (for release aid) or nocking clip (finger shooting), and string silencers. Just like an adult compound bow!

The Champion II Elite can still also use industry standard upgrades like sights, arrow rests, stabilizers and quivers.

It is adjustable from 19-29lbs in draw weight and 24-26 inch in draw length (bow press required for draw length) making it very suitable for kids around 10-14 years of age.

Please note: This bow is RIGHT HANDED only.

The Champion II Elite comes with the following accessories right out of the box;

  • 1x Apex Champion II ELITE
  • 2x 26” Fiberglass Arrows
  • 1x Hip Quiver
  • 1x Finger Tab
  • 1x Armguard
  • 1x 1 Pin Sight
  • 1x Arrow Rest


Draw Weight 19 – 29 LBS
Draw Length 24 – 26 INCHES
Weight 2.2 LBS (1 KG)
Let Off 65%
Axle to Axle 32 INCHES
Brace Height 7.5 INCHES
Cam System Dual Cam
Confuguration Right Handed ONLY
International Upgrade Holes? Yes