Apex Blizzard – 55lbs PRO Series Compound Bow Kit Right Handed Black


Why Blizzard? Why is it right for me?

  1. Insanely Adjustable Draw Weight from 5lbs to 55lbs: Yep, that’s no typo. It can be set down to 5lbs and back up to 55lbs. This means that even a 6 year old could draw it back (if they could lift and hold it),  yet, an 18 year old could also easily adjust it to 55lbs and take it bow hunting!  Apart from the Diamond Infinite Edge Bow (Adjustable from 5 to 70lbs but also almost three times dearer starting at $580), this is arguably the most adjustable bow you will come across.
  2. Insanely Adjustable Draw length from 19 to 29 Inches: If it can be used by a 11-year old, you want to make sure the draw length also can go down to suit their arm length. This one here, will suit our hypothetical 11-year old, and also his 19 year old brother, whose draw length is 28 inches. Basically, the draw length of the Blizzard™ Bow is suitable for anyone, unless your draw is over 29 inches
  3. Insanely EASY to adjust: What’s the point of having a sick bow that’s massively adjustable, if you need to keep running back to the Archery store to get it done on a bow press? Not to mention the cost involved. With Blizzard™, you can adjust both the draw weight and draw length without changing limbs, or using a bow press. For you this means, good bye annoying expensive trips to Archery shops, hello 30 second adjustments at home.
  4. String Stop and Split Cam: String Stop reduces hand vibration and noise after your arrow is released. Without the extra vibration and noise, what this means for you, is that your bow is much more comfortable to shoot, therefore, you can also improve your accuracy! Bow Hunters, take special note here. When you are out in the bush; stalking, the last thing you want is a loud bow alerting and scaring the game away.


By now you should know that it is extremely important to have your bow configured to your right draw weight and the right draw length.
Your draw weight and length is determined by your upper body strength and your arm span. Now if you are under 20, as you grow taller, older (and hopefully wiser) your draw weight and draw length will also change with you.

This is where the Blizzard will blow everything out of the water, because it’s draw weight is so adjustable that, technically, even a 6 year old should be able to pull it back. Not being able to lift and hold the bow long enough to do so will stop that from happening, but you get the drift.

Even if you are not a growing teenager, having a bow that is so versatile that you can set it to 5lbs and set it back to 55 lbs in a few seconds, will be of tremendous advantage.
If your younger brother or sister wanted to have a go, just adjust it to whatever suits them, and off they go. If your dad wanted to test it out, no worries, put it up to 55lbs and he’s a happy camper. Why leave mum behind? Everyone in your family can use it. It won’t sit there collecting dust because you have outgrown it and no one else can use it.

It comes in Right-Handed configuration only and you have the option to get it in Black or Camo.

Draw Weight 5 LBS – 55 lbs
Draw Length 19 INCHES – 29 INCHES
Weight 3.3 LBS (1.5 Kg) – Without Accessories
Let Off 75% when Draw Length is under 27 INCHES. 50% for draw length at 29 INCHES
Axle to Axle 29 INCHES
Brace Height 7.5 INCHES
Cables 2×2
Cam System Dual Cam
Configuration Right Handed ONLY
International Upgrade Holes? Yes
Colour Black