AFN Complete Book of Fishing Knots 2


AFN Complete Book of Fishing Knots 2

Fishing is the most popular activity in Australia with an estimated 7 million active anglers enjoying the thrill of simply catching a fish or two. Learning how to tie the correct knot to catch a fish is one of the basics to the sport.

Bill Classon and Nigl Webster host the popular TV show – The Fishing Show – screening weekly on the 7 Network and in this book outline all the knots anglers will need to catch a fish. Together they have put every knot that a budding angler is likely to need. This book caters for everyone from the beginner to an expert and has everything in it – from the basic knots through th some of the more advanced. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned angler – There is something for you.

Superbly illustrated by Trevor Hawkins – the knots are easy to follow making it so easy to master the technique to tying dependable fishing knots.

Every budding angler will find something in this comprehensive book. If your knot holds – you’ll catch the fish!