10ft Adjustable Galvanised Extension Pole with T Nut and Threaded Spigot


This is an extension pole with T Nut and a threaded spigot.

Buy 1-5: $12 shipping total
Buy 6-9: $15 shipping total
Buy 10+: $20 shipping total

The telescopic galvanised steel tent pole are used for tents, tarps, caravans and gazebos. The tent poles are Galvabond galvanised steel (eg Galvabond steel poles are made in a continuous hot dip galvanisation process.) making them rust resistant. Most of our competitors poles are zinc plated or hot dip galvanise which means you can rub or scratch off the coating. With our poles you can not do this because galvabond poles are galvabond all the way through. The spigot housing is made of abs plastic with a 7.6mm zinc coated steel spigot. The poles are perfect for the Australian environment.


  • Pole material galvabond steel(galvanised steel)
  • Pole wall thickness: .9mm
  • Pole tube thickness:19-22mm
  • Pole extended: 10ft 305m
  • Spigot housing: abs plastic
  • Spigot: 7.6mm zinc coated steel
  • Tee nut adjustor: zinc coated steel
  • 12 months warranty
  • Will not rust
  • Australian made
Weight 1 kg